The autopilot for your sneaker softwares.

Re-imagine automation.

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The autopilot for your sneaker softwares.

Our awesome features

JOKER is a restock tool that helps you automate your bot, even without you being aside of your devices, you can absolutely destroy restocks! Check below to see what we have offered.

  • Hands Free. Hands Free.
  • Setup in one minute. Setup in one minute.
  • Crazy pick-up speeds. Crazy pick-up speeds.
  • Customize your restocks. Customize your restocks.

There is more...

  • Discord monitors to show accurate footsites restocks
  • You can customize your SKUs for the restocks in JOKER
  • Currently support 13 bots (Cyber, PrismAIO, Kylinbot, WhatBot, Wrathbot, KODAIAIO, BalkoBot, NebulaBots, HayhaBots, ValorAIO, TorpedoAIO, GaneshBot, KageAIO)
  • More bots will be supported in the future (all bots planned to be supported)
  • Easy to use with simpel GUI
  • Customized tasks groups and tasks number
  • Close the bot for you in certain amount of time (you call it!)

and much more...

The autopilot for your sneaker softwares.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is JOKER Automation?

    Joker is a tool that automatically runs your bots for restocks.

  • How much is JOKER?


  • How many instances will I get per key?


  • Where do I purchase JOKER?

    You can visit our site at

  • Do you support MAC?

    We currently only support Windows, since the main theme of using JOKER will be on a server.

Joker Automation

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